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What can I do if my insurance plan doesn't cover ABA therapy?

*Health Net requires the following form:

We are 

Qualified Autism Providers 

If you need additional assistance, please contact our insurance department:

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​​​​This is a common situation some families face. But there are options:

1) Switch your insurance plan to one that covers ABA therapy 

2) If your child is Medi-Cal eligible, ABA therapy is covered under Medi-Cal

3) Contact your Regional Center for an evaluation and determine eligability

Did you know?

ABA therapy is widely recognized as the most effective behavior health treatment 

(BHT) for individuals living with autism spectrum disorder under the age of 21.   

We are proud to qualified autism provider with the following insurance companies

Our intake specialist will work with your health insurance company to verify eligibility.  Once confirmed, our specialist will contact you to begin your assessment for ABA Services

Complete the intake application below and prepare the following info:  

     *  Copy of insurance card

      *  Psych evaluation or ABA Prescription                                

Obtain a psychological evaluation from a Developmental Psychologist (Regional Center or private psychologist) or a prescription for ABA services.

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