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Developmental Screenings

Quality Behavior Solutions offers free developmental screenings in our communities, where families can come and get assistance by our trained professionals in completing screening tools to assess their child's development. Additionally, families will learn more about supports and resources available to their children if they have concerns regarding their child's development. Our purpose in this campaign is to reach as many families, early childhood educators, physicians and professionals who work with children in order to help teach the early signs of developmental delays and the importance of early intervention. Research shows that early detection and early intervention is key in the prognosis of children with disabilities. More importantly, we want to increase awareness in areas where resources and supports are limited, as statistically these areas are still identifying concerns for their children at a later age. 

  • Quality Behavior Solutions is trained on the use of the developmental screening tool: Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). ​For more information on this screening tool, please visit their site:
  • If you are a childcare or physicians office and would like more information regarding a screening day at your center/office, please contact us. 
  • If you are a parent and have concerns regarding your child's development, please contact us for more information on how we can help.

After completing the screening, parents are provided a letter with recommendations based on the child's results. Parents are provided with additional copies of the letter for the child's pediatrician and teacher.